"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”
_ William Morris
, 19th century craftsman, designer, writer

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shop: Three Potato Four

I think the best stores are designed with vision, passion and point of view. It's also really nice when they are affordable!  Three Potato Four, is an online store that covers those bases and then some.

Poison Tall Green Glass Bottle
Boy Scout Craft Project Teepee c.1950'sRed Self-Standing Carnival Wheel

Founded by creative couple Janet Morales and Stu Eli, Three Potato Four is the day dream of flea market fans and fanatics everywhere: They see, they shop, they sell.

With experience in the graphic design industry and artistic 'eyes' for what's cool, collectible and coveted, the dynamic duo began their online store in 2007, and added a storefront housed in an old Philadelphia textile mill in 2010. Recently, they have also begun to design their own line of products under the label, 3-P4.
Milk Bottle Carafe - 32 oz.
3-P4 items can be found on their website under the "orginals" heading and include US Mail-style totes, Navy Seal-inspired bags, milk bottle carafes, and vintage-inspired shop signs that can be custom-lettered and hand distressed (Amy's Zombies & Whiskey).
Hand-Lettered Custom Shop Sign
Eli and Morales also collaborate with designer Jim Datz to create screen-printed, city-inspired posters individually signed by the artist ($60).

I appreciate that the site is clear in labeling what's newly made and what's been found in it's original vintage state, as well as giving a little bit of information about each piece. History = Soul. 

Industrial Cafeteria Table 4-Seater / 8-Seater / 12-Seater
48-Star American Flag (4' x 8')
I've added a few of my favorite things from the site (the flag above is a vintage 48-star flag!), but check it out for yourself! It's sure to get your imagination going and those creative juices flowing. Happy Tuesday!
All photography courtesy of Three Potato Four.

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