"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”
_ William Morris
, 19th century craftsman, designer, writer

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Savvy Shopping: Just Like The Model

Yesterday, while on a quest to find a particular discount fabric store in Fountain Valley, California, I stumbled upon Just Like The Model -a warehouse full of furniture and home decor items that have been previously used to stage model homes.

Located in an industrial office park, Just Like The Model features deeply discounted prices and is open to the public. It was fate calling my name! I had to go in!
First impression: It's a big, cavernous warehouse that looks like a cross between an outlet store and a garage sale.

The next thing you notice is the vast assortment of merchandise. Think: anything that might be used to make a model home looked stylishly 'lived in'. Case in point, what I thought was a purse left behind by its owner turned out to be a handbag tagged and for sale...very convincing! 

Prices appeared significantly lower than regular retail. This white sofa (above) was priced at $299! Framed, matted artwork was marked (on average) under $50; and lamps (with shades!) ranged from $34 - $44 dollars; throw pillows start at $5; and I saw a very large 2-piece dining room cabinet and hutch for $599.

The catch? Since the merchandise has been used for staging, some of it shows signs of wear. Be sure to check out pieces for any scratches or smudges you wouldn't be able to live with. (All sales are final, except for a 24-hour return policy for bedding and artwork to make sure it matches your decor!)

Also, it seemed to me that several of the couches were a bit on the small side. It makes me wonder if designers choose sofas and chairs with a smaller scale to make the model rooms look bigger. Something to think about!

(Although if you are looking for apartment furniture or something to suit a smaller space -these styles may be just the ticket!)

I have a soft spot for sea grass. I love the bold texture of this chair -it just needs new cushions!

This was a wonderful print of a sketched chandelier -fully matted and framed!

I have my eye on a couple of lamps and this is one of them! Since merchandise moves in and out constantly, I should probably make up my mind quickly! The desk lamp (below) is also tempting...


Because the merchandise is sold on consignment from a wide range of model homes, quality and style varies accordingly. It may require a couple of visits to score the perfect piece for your home -although judging from experience, it's hard to walk away empty handed!

I found a video by Alan Mendelson and his show, Best Buys Best Deals on TV, that provides a great visual representation of the store and an idea of the deals you might expect. Just FYI, I didn't see the Space Shuttle bed... I have a feeling it has long since landed in one lucky kid's bedroom!

Happy hunting!

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  1. What a great place, wish I lived closer. Please tell me you bought that tree branch lamp?! It's GREAT!!!



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