"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”
_ William Morris
, 19th century craftsman, designer, writer

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Field Trip: Chef's Toys

Yesterday I went on a field trip to Orange County, California to check out, Chef's Toys, a commercial grade kitchen store for restaurants and institutions. They will also sell to the public.

A friend who lives in a beautiful home in a posh neighborhood told me she had purchased her silverware there (with a pretty pattern and nice heft to it) at a reasonable price and I couldn't wait to see for myself.

What I found was a kitchen store on steroids, and more merchandise than I knew what to do with. Literally.

 No frills.

Think Home Depot for the kitchen. Prices were good, and if you buy in bulk they are better. 

I wandered around ogling the merchandise and could not resist taking home a stainless steel cake plate for under $15. (Look for its debut in future posts!)

As promised, I was impressed with the silverware along with cauldron-sized stock pots, jelly roll pans, chef's jackets (Halloween?), professional grade name-brand knives and gadgets that left me completely flummoxed. Martha Stewart I am not.

I was also tempted by this little plastic sushi maker! Simply pack in sticky rice and the tray performs similarly to an ice-cube tray -creating exactly the right shape. Brilliant! "We do a living wealthily happily!"  Sounds good to me.

Can you guess the function of the item below? Here's a hint: it looks like a large wooden rolling pin with a curiously carved body...

Give up? Or did you correctly answer: ravioli maker!
If so, you deserve a reward and I insist you treat yourself immediately! If you did not know what it was (like myself) you have learned something new today...and can therefore cross learn something new off your to-do list -which I believe deserves a reward!! Treat for you! (and make it a good one.)

There were colanders and strainers of every size and shape -we're talking HUGE! I'm not sure what I would use them for, or perhaps more importantly where I would store them, but they were fabulous.

Chef's Toys also featured wonderful, well-priced shiny silver water pitchers -which I tried unsuccessfully to photograph. The glass coffee pots were much more cooperative and photogenic in a rather artsy way.

When I checked out with my single-item purchase, I talked cooking shows with the associate and he enthusiastically assured me that commercial-grade tools, accessories and appliances were the way to go. "We usually sell to mom and pop restaurants, schools, hospitals, jails (sound of record scratching here)...this stuff will last." Sort of gives new meaning to serving time...doesn't it? 

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