"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”
_ William Morris
, 19th century craftsman, designer, writer

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Friday, August 31, 2012

At The Beach House

I took this photo on 'Sconset Beach in Nantucket after an amazing lunch with treasured friends at The Beachside Bistro of The Summer House. I love the way it captures the dunes, the gray shingled houses and a dreamy expanse of sky. Maybe it's going barefoot, maybe it's a lack of homework, or the fact that big bowls of ice cream and vacation days are not just acceptable but encouraged  -in my book, summertime seems synonymous with freedom.

Happily, for the past three weeks, I have enjoyed that freedom (Dunkin' Donuts, fried clams, historically low lobster prices , sand castles, kayaking, sightseeing, exploring...and did I mention the lobster prices?) to it's very fullest.

In the Sand Castles gift shop in Rockport I found a great card (and bought 2!) by a company called, How To Live -and I think they really do, know how to live, that is. (Their website is charming -and definitely worth a look-see!)

 I absolutely agree with the artist's take on summer (not to mention a few ideas I will be adopting for the rest of the year as well):

At The Beach House
Let sandy feet in.
Give everyone a turn in the captain's chair.
Plan on a little rust.
There's no such thing as over grown.
Put stuffy in the yard sale.
The Good Humor Truck will always stop for you if you want some.

Sink into contentment.
Fly your flags.
Draw how much you've grown on the walls.
Some days it feels just right to be fishy and salty and crabby.
Don't let the fire go out until you toast the last marshmallows.
A boat is for napping (but hold on to your fishing pole).
A dock is for looking underneath.
Screen out the pesky.

Kids need water to grow.
Make room for mistakes (and wet towels);
It's not the furniture, it's who's sitting in it that matters.
A yard is to put shells around.
What you find is always better than what you buy.
Front porches are for lemonade and blowing kisses.
Fences are for inviting the neighbors over.
Let the hard stuff soften and fade.
Be thankful.

Fall is undeniably in the air and the promise of a new season awaits. It's a quieter season of more richness and texture. And in a way, I'm ready for it...almost. But not. quite. yet...

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