"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”
_ William Morris
, 19th century craftsman, designer, writer

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday Musing: Maximizing Potential

Somehow Thursday snuck up on me and still no blog post. The blog fairies are M.I.A. Damn them. It's not that I haven't been thinking about writing, I have. 

Unfortunately, that's as far as I've gotten.

It seems I might have developed a mild case of existential-blog-itis Who am I? What should I be doing differently? Should my blog topics be more narrow? Completely different?

I want to make some changes around here, but dusting and almost anything else I can think of doing seems to be getting in the way.

Where to start? Have you ever had that problem?

I was trolling on Pinterest (number one favorite procrastination technique! "Follow" me, by-the-way at Pinterest.com/bonhome) -when I came across this inspirational quote from Bill Cosby:

It was pinned from an interesting blog called, Brain Pickings, and an inspiring post entitled How to Make Your Own Luck by Maria Popova.

Since I am a zealous fan of motivational quotes, the post drew me in immediately. She had me at Maximize Your Potential...

This paragraph also resonated:

Citing their research into the journals of more than two hundred creative professionals, the authors point to a pattern that reveals the single most important motivator: palpable progress on meaningful work:

On the days when these professionals saw themselves moving forward on something they cared about — even if the progress was a seemingly incremental “small win” — they were more likely to be happy and deeply engaged in their work. And, being happier and more deeply engaged, they were more likely to come up with new ideas and solve problems creatively.

So today, I'm going for the "small win". I'm back in the race.

I actually have lots of great new material to share and new ideas waiting in the wings...it's getting it onto the blog that has been a problem. In the days ahead, look for changes big and small -and if possible, add your feedback in the comment section below. (I know signing in for comments can be tricky -another thing I want to change-- but looking for deep thoughts on things like: font, too big? too small? More photos? Less photos? Less text? More DIY?, etc...). I am even contemplating actually hiring a professional to help make the site more functional. Imagine that.

Let's call it an experimentation phase, and with your input, your patience -and your very valuable two-cents, I think we can do this. 

Who's in?


  1. Awesome, Bonnie! You go and we shall follow. I get your feeds via email so most of my comments--which are all cheery and filed with "Cool! Thanks for sharing!" stay in my head. Keep chugging!

  2. Thanks, Leslie. I am ready for some growth around here, time to start shooting for the stars -while trying desperately not to shoot myself in the foot instead! Thanks for your support! xo

  3. Way to go Bonnie. You always seem to serve up exactly what I need with each post - giving me things to explore, try for myself or imagine in my own home. I trust that your "small wins" will continue to add up to big wins for us who enjoy your written "voice," style, images and approach to life. Go for it!


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