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_ William Morris
, 19th century craftsman, designer, writer

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Friday, July 18, 2014

New Bookazine: Organize! Back-to-School

 My newest bookazine, Organize! Back-to-School has finally hit store shelves! Woohooo!
(After weeks of research, interviews and writing --seeing it come together never gets old!)

Organize! Back-to-School features tips and advice from organizational pros, teachers, health and wellness specialists, educational experts and authorities on a wide variety of kid stuff. It's designed to be a guide for getting your student (and yourself!) ready for a successful new school year from Pre-school through college.
My favorite part of writing a bookazine (or any project) is the people I meet in the process and this journey was no exception. I have found that it is usually the busiest, most successful and professional experts who are willing to share their time and expertise to speak with me. I know you'll meet my new friends when you pick up a copy of Organize! but many of them have books, blogs, podcasts and great Twitter followings of their own.  Not to mention, they're just plain awesome. 

To go behind the scenes check out: Karen Bantuveris at VolunteerSpot.com; Joshua Becker on his blog, Becoming Minimalist; Dr. Nancy Berk through her book or her radio show, Whine at 9; teacher Susan Case on her blog, Kindergarten Basics; Eddy Chavey AKA Mr. Breakfast on his website by the same name; Donna Goldberg via her book or her website, Organized Student; Kristen Howton on her clever blog, Rage Against the Minivan; Katie Hurley in her upcoming book or blog, Practical Katie; Kathy Jenkins at TheOrganizingTutor.com; Leslie Josel on her website Order Out of Chaos; Katie Norris on her blog, Mommy With Selective Memory; Maureen Owens on her website Organized by Owens; Mary Pankiewicz on her website Clutter Free & Organized; Debbie Pincus on her website; Steve Pines at the Education Industry Association; Dr. Roland Rotz on his website; Janice Russell at Minding Your Matters; Heidi Shulz on her website, Heidi Shulz; Helene Segura at Living Order; Geralin Thomas on her blog and website, Metropolitan Organizing; author Jim Trelease on his website; and the Manners Lady, Judi Vankevich at The Manners Club.

Several of the amazing educators I spoke with don't have blogs or websites to visit, but I was thankful and tremendously inspired by the dedication, commitment and A+ advice from veteran teachers: Michelle Martin, Nancy Lopez, Patsy Sarmiento, DeAnna Shelton, Danielle VanDivort, and Lisa Kilcourse. You rock!
In addition to the pros whose expertise informed the content, the whole shebang would not have come together without the amazing (and patient) editing skills of Susan Elkin; the sharp eye of copy editor Laurie Lieb; photo researcher Livy Sandro; editorial consultant Barbara Stewart; and 22 MediaWorks president and creative director Lary Rosenblatt. I feel privileged and blessed to have been a part of such a winning team and an inspiring project. 
 I asked a total stranger to take this...okay, crazy lady...I may have scared her.
Right next to Beach Horses...of course.
See you at the news stand! I'll be the one lingering and rearranging the bookazines...

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