"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”
_ William Morris
, 19th century craftsman, designer, writer

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Walking Daisy: East Village, Long Beach, California

 Yesterday, after celebrating National Pie Day with great enthusiasm, I decided to take Daisy for a long walk in a part of town I have been meaning to explore: The East Village Arts District in Long Beach, California.

Located in the Eastern half of Downtown Long Beach, the up-and-coming arts district is an eclectic and decidedly urban mix of lofts, high rise condos, craftsman cottages, coffee shops, cafes, independent retailers, barber shops & bike rentals anchored by the nation's premiere Museum of Latin American Art (MoLAA). 

You get the feeling the people here have a vision. There is energy and optimism, and something that looks like hope and heart for a creative community. The locals here eat at a place called, Utopia, which sort of says it all.

Construction on additional loft and high rise space is underway nearby and I noticed an old, formerly-fleabag hotel being renovated into what has the potential to be a very cool looking restaurant. Fingers crossed. 

It was a wonderful way to walk off a couple of calories from the day before, and if I Daisy and I hadn't stopped at that Crepe place, my exercise plan might have worked...
The afternoon reminded me of the wonderful quote fashion photojournalist Bill Cunningham used last year when accepting a prestigious award from the Ministry of Culture in France, "Those who seek beauty will find it!"

It looks like the folks around here couldn't agree more.

Art is everywhere- even the median planters are decorated with mirrored mosaics!

This alley way mural caught my eye...

Daisy, however, was much more interested in P.J.'s Pet Cafe!
Hey you...You lookin' at me? (And yes! that's a real dog in the window (check out his cool duds)! He was clearly enjoying the doggie daycare facilities and was soon joined by several barking friends! Daisy didn't know what to think...except for maybe, where can I get an outfit like that?

Don't forget to look up!
It sort of looks like she's sticking her tongue out...everybody's a critic...

The bus stops are completely covered with colorful mosaics. Love! 

 Tiles depict local street scenes.

Need I say more?

 Art Deco inspiration.


Daisy and I happened upon a wonderful community garden, framed by a gorgeous, plant covered archway and iron gate. Luckily, someone was just coming out and she waited to lock up while we looked around! What once must have been an empty lot is an oasis of green smack in the middle of the city. Absolutely beautiful!


  1. My Girl Scouts visited the Clay on First studio there and had a grand time using the wheel and hand building garden mushrooms for a "fairyland" garden for Hughes Middle School. Great price, and lots of fun learning.

  2. Thanks for stopping by PJs Pet Cafe. You are very welcome anytime


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