"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”
_ William Morris
, 19th century craftsman, designer, writer

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Movie Interior: It's Complicated

The 2009 romantic-comedy,  It's Complicated had an amazing cast, phenomenal set design and a wonderful, funny, touching story -except for one thing. The plot revolves around a divorced woman who's decided to renovate her kitchen -finally after all these years! The problem (as I see it): her kitchen didn't need renovating! It was absolutely gorgeous and inspiring to begin with! See for yourself!

Really? What would you change?
Created by the dream team of Oscar-nominated Production designer Jon Hutman (Something's Gotta Give) and Oscar-nominated Set Decorator extrordinaire, Beth Rubino (The Cider House Rules; American Gangster), the home's interiors were shot on location in Thousand Oaks, California, while the film's exterior scenes were recreated on a movie set in New York. 

In spite of the Hollywood magic, the fantasy of living amongst the Bouganvilla in Santa Barbara had me browsing real estate in the area for weeks... 
Maybe part of the fantasy is that it also looks so neat and clean...all the time. So add live-in cleaning crew to the fantasy...

Okay, maaaaaybe I would change that tile by the sink...If I were really going to be picky...

Beth Rubino told the Hot Off The Set blog that this dining table was found at Lucca Antiques and the chairs were custom designed by the set decorator herself! She had them produced by Berkshire Home & Antiques. The cushion fabric is from Donghia. b4 Housey Movies: Its Complicated

Did you ever notice how lighting is everything? I think we often forget about it, but when it's done right the room really works. Slip covers, wicker, color fruit in baskets and just the right amount of clutter: Casual California chic.

Even the garden shed was charming. White washed brick, galvanized buckets and a shabby chic-style potting bench filled with hand tools and herbs fulfill a gardener's wish list.

An outdoor room is created on the covered loggia -perfect for Santa Barbara's year-round moderate temps.
Santa Barbara has an ordinance that all buildings must conform to certain aesthetics -one of them is the terracotta tiled roof. This one, covered with vines and flowers is especially beautiful.
Flowering vines climb the walls of a charming brick patio. Olive trees, planters and over-sized lanterns set the stage for romance. 

 With a house like this, how could there not be a happy ending?  

Photo Credit: Many photos on this post can be credited to the super-stylish blog, Hooked On Houses. Check it out!


  1. I loved this movie...mostly because of this house!!! LOL.

  2. So true! The location almost stole the show! But it does feature a few of my very favorite actors!


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