"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”
_ William Morris
, 19th century craftsman, designer, writer

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Flea Market Monday: Long Beach Antiques & Collectibles

 We had gorgeous spring weather over the weekend, and business was brisk at the Antiques & Collectible Market at Veteran's Stadium in Long Beach, Ca. I absolutely love shopping this market -and the people watching is as much fun as the bargain hunting!

I'm pretty sure I saw a beautiful young movie starlet shopping the racks of vintage clothes...but I'm terrible with names -and I was trying to stare without actually looking like I was staring...or accidentally walking into a post.  HGTV producers and set decorators have also been known to frequent the very 'do-able' flea market, and this weekend, my sources tell me buyers from the shopping website, One Kings Lane, were making the rounds.

Held the third Sunday of every month, (as well as 'bonus Sundays' when a month has five weekends) Veteran's is one of the best flea markets for vintage items in Southern California. Although there are many regular vendors, you never know what you're going to find.

 Bring a tote bag (or wheelie cart), cash (fees for the ATM machine cost a fortune!), some dark shades to hide your eyes while you're coolly negotiating your price or ogling movie stars...then grab a hot dog and get busy.

One clever vendor sells metal cabinets, files and desks stripped down to a bare finish. It's a great, industrial look -and an idea that could also be done at home -with a little motivation and elbow grease. The metal trucks and tractors are just classic.

 Brass and painted lanterns, sold by a guy who is a passionate collector himself = expert advice!

The vintage typewriter had been completely restored.

This lampshade just says "Party" doesn't it! 

I'm pretty sure my parents had this silverware ...should I be alarmed that things from my childhood are now considered antique? Don't answer that...

I ran into friends, Gary and Marsha Oda, owners of Retroda manning their both at the market. They have an amazing eye for style and specialize in mid-century modern. The orange rabbit caught my eye -he's a bank! Bunny love!

I tried hard to think of a spot for the Insane Asylum Bar & Grill sign featuring the wonderful motto: We're all here because we're not all there! But walked away without it...I regret it already...

Wiener Mobile! Remember that song...

The man selling the crosses didn't want me to take photos -afraid I might steal an original design? He allowed just this one...

The large, metal vent would make a cool sculptural element for an industrial style room or loft. The vendor said he has sold several that were made into light fixtures -either by hanging it, or putting a lamp inside and creating a glow within.


Old keys are cool: romance, mystery, design. A big bowl of them on an entry way or coffee table adds character in an instant.

These airplanes could not be cuter!

I went home with a great little piece of vintage California Pottery -an orange bowl for $5! Score! I didn't take photos because I was afraid of driving up the price...gotta act cool, but inside I was doing a happy dance...

Until next time!
Southern California Flea Markets:

2nd Sunday of the Month: Pasadena Rose Bowl
3rd Sunday of the Month: Long Beach Antique Market
4th Sunday of the Month:(Again) Santa Monica Outdoor Antique & Collectible Market
5th (bonus) Sundays: Long Beach Antique Market


  1. Love the Long Beach Flea Market! Your shots are great and capture the essence of the hunt! Thanks.

  2. Which sign? "Garden", or "Insane Asylum Bar & Grill"?


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