"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”
_ William Morris
, 19th century craftsman, designer, writer

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shop: Lula's Pantry

Walking into Lula's Pantry in the charming seaside town of Rockport, Massachussetts makes you feel like you've stepped into a romantic-comedy film with really stylish sets -which, in fact, has happened in the village several times. (Think: Sandra Bullock in The Proposal; Kate Capshaw, The Love Letter)

Crisp, clean lighting immediately flatters everyone who enters and highlights a colorful array of gourmet goodies, gorgeous pottery and enough kitchen gadgets and cookbooks to make sure you lose track of time. 

 (If you've got someone waiting for you, send them over to Blue Lobster Grille for a snack while they wait...that should buy you some time! Okay, full disclosure, my sister-in-law, Maura McCarthy, is co-owner of BLG, so stop in and say hello -she's terrific and the food is really, really good!)

Owner and curator of Lula's Pantry, Brett Roeske, has a background in design and a passion for good food -it shows. Foodies unite!

The thrill of the hunt!

Thick rope coiled on wooden crates is a nod to the historic fishing community and picturesque harbor that sits just outside.

Roeske seeks out local artisans who produce hand-crafted pottery, dinnerware, products and art for the shop

East Coast folks take their Italian food very seriously. This pasta and biscotti looks like it would pass muster with the most authentic of locals.

I think the best sense of style is one that incorporates a bit of humor and whimsy -it makes even the most sophisticated settings feel more comfortable. It sort of says, Let's not take ourselves too seriously, shall we? And in the meantime, let's make use of these Pinnochio funnels...

Color. Full.

If you happen to be roaming Cape Ann: Lula's Pantry  5 Dock Square, Rockport, Mass.


  1. Beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing! Blue Lobster Grill sounds fun too!

  2. Thank you! Blue Lobster Grille is great too -I highly recommend the lobster BLT! :)

  3. I make sure to visit Rockport once a year, and it is such a wonderful place to be.
    You have captured it so beautifully!

  4. Thanks, Lisa! I agree -it's one of my very favorite places! And thank you for the compliment!

  5. Lula's Pantry is a "must see" for everyone who venture onto Cape Ann. Geat selection of the most unique items for your kitchen and your tummy. A truly unique shop.


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